Stealthily Fucking My Dozing Boss (She Came While Pretending To Sleep)

class:manga Nanakusa Amane

latest:Chapter 1



'If you're not awake, then I'm putting it in...' His throbbing, pulsating member slides deep inside of her...During a late night at the office, Reiji Kirishima finishes his work and finds his boss, Mika Arimura, on a sofa, fast asleep. He attempts to shake her awake, but to his surprise, her breast falls out of her shirt! Mika, who is normally crass and intimidating, turns out to be rather arousing, half-naked in her sleepy state! When even touching her boobs doesn't wake her up, he starts to up the ante—but as it turns out, she was awake the whole time! Though she was merely pretending to sleep to let him off the hook, Reiji's hand finds its way inside her panties...'If he keeps teasing me like this, I won't be able to keep my voice down...!' Mika desperately attemps to control herself, but her groin is soaked, and when she sees Reiji's swollen crotch, even she can't hold back...!!

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