Drama Writer Who Reads Spoilers

class:manga Tax Bomb,,Won Ah

latest:Chapter 25


6th year drama assistant writer Jang Yeon-jae. He desperately wanted and tried, but ahead of his debut, his teacher the main writer Kim Tae-jin stole his script. 'sir! How could you do this! That's my script!” “Yeon-jae. It is true that I was a little influenced by your ideas. But that is definitely my work.” After leaving the assistant writer job out of anger, he looked for a way to knock Kim Tae-jin down, but there seemed to be no hope. But at that moment... A miracle happened. [You can purchase 200 characters of the script with a rating of 0.1%.] [When broadcasting with this script, the expected average rating is 15.2%.] [Do you want to buy?] [Yes / No] 'On-air shooter' required! Assistant writer Jang Yeon-jae's high-rating drama, 'Drama Writer Who Reads Spoilers'

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