Osake Wa Non Demo, Dakarecha Dame - Zetsurin Majin To Sokonashi Ecchi

class:manga Yoyo

latest:Chapter 7


Haruomi from the liquor store came to Kyouhei, the owner of a small bar, for his usual delivery. Wanting to return the favor, he invites Haruomi for a drink after hours. In doing so, Haruomi comes on to Kyouhei who's drunk and enticing! Kyouhei asks for more from such deep pleasure, but Haruomi is much more relentless than he imagined...! When he tries to end it, Haruomi replies with 'I'm still fine.' Is his desire bottomless!? Someone, tell me how to stop this relentless beast! An erotic love between a stoic, unrelenting beast and a beaut who's drowning in immense pleasure!

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