I Was Reincarnated On An Island Where The Strongest Species Live So I Will Enjoy A Peaceful Life On This Island

class:manga Heisei Owari,,Noy,,Yamaura Shu

latest:Chapter 11.3


Arata, a black employee, is reincarnated in another world with the privilege of a healthy body and a place where he doesn't have to deal with people. On the island where he is reincarnated, there are only monsters - divine beasts, true ancestor vampires, ancient dragons, and so on. No, there are certainly no 'people,' but ....... The first time you reincarnate, you're in desperate straits! --I thought I was in a desperate situation, but it seems that my 'healthy body' is 'invincible' and I don't have to worry about it. While lightly accepting his mythical power, he is living a comfortable and leisurely life, cooking and walking together, living in a tent with a beautiful girl, and holding a party with everyone on the island.... 'Brother, let's eat dinner together! Master, play with me! A heartwarming island life with the 'strongest' will begin.

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