This Engagement Is A Scam

class:manga Cheongpodo,,Green Grape,,청포도

latest:Chapter 4


I want to marry a cute! Adorable! And affectionate herbivore!'Sun Yoo-jin found out he's engaged at the Soo-In Harmony Party.Going off to cool his anger, Yoo-jin accidentally saves Ha-joon from getting bullied.As it turns out, Yoo-jin's fianc is Joon. And Yoo-jin, who likes his cute appearance, thinks he and Joon are destined to be.Later on, Yoo-jin, who was waiting for his cute Joon who went to America to study abroad, gets approached by an unfamiliar man who claims to be Joon! (See note)'You're Joon?! This engagement is a scam!'+


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