Displeased Fruits

class:manga Kuroiwa Menou

latest:Vol.1 Chapter 9: A Silver Mirror


Ch.0 'Muscle training of love'One on one training between abducted boy and bodyguard. Sequel illustration to ch. 1 and 2. (Translation: InsanePraetor, Edit: blueRose)Ch.1 'The Young Woman and her Dog ~Virgin Hunt~'Rich girl abducts young boy to play with. (Translation: desudesu, Edit: LzyAtoms)Ch.2 'The Young Woman and her Dog ~Anxious★First Experience!~'Rich girl crossdresses abducted boy as herself to excite her bodyguard. (Translation: InsanePraetor, Edit: blueRose)Ch.3 'A Female Teacher's After-School Sanctuary'The hidden side of a strict teacher and a quite student. (Translation: InsanePraetor, Edit: blueRose)Ch.4 'Libido Academy ♥Parent-Student-Teacher Meeting of Love♥' Teacher helps mother tend to her son's needs by having them give each other their first times. (Translation: InsanePraetor, Edit: blueRose)Ch.5 'Summer Reminisce' Mother and son reminisce about having baths together. (Translation: desudesu, Edit: LzyAtoms)Ch.6 'Oni-Kawa!' Bulky girl and small guy develop their relationship. (Translation: desudesu, Edit: LzyAtoms)Ch.7 'Boy-Waitress'Café owner comes up with crossdressing her clerk to boost sales. (Translation: InsanePraetor, Edit: blueRose)Ch.8 'Mirror Hell' Boy buys a mirror haunted by an evil spirit of his female version. (Translation: InsanePraetor, Edit: blueRose)Ch.9 'A Silver Mirror' Mysterious woman tries to exorcise evil spirit. Sequel to ch. 8. (Translation: InsanePraetor, Edit: blueRose)Illustration by Takasaki Takemaru (Translation: fluid_druid, Edit: blueRose)Afterword (Translation: fluid_druid, Edit: blueRose)Scans by hentaicore.netTAGS-male: ahegao, crossdressing, glasses, prostate massage, rape, schoolboy uniform, shotacon, stockings, tomgirl, virginity-female: ahegao, anal, big breasts, bisexual, blowjob, bunny girl, cunnilingus, dark skin, defloration, dick growth, femdom, futanari, garter belt, glasses, hairy, hairy armpits, leotard, lingerie, male on dickgirl, milf, mother, muscle, pantyhose, piercing, pubic stubble, selfcest, squirting, stockings, tall girl, teacher, tomboy, tracksuit, urination, x-ray-mixed: ffm threesome, group, incest, mtf threesome

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