Secret Inside My Head

class:manga Chaegu

latest:Chapter 11


The intelligent Hong Danwoo who also is an introvert, has a secret that’s also a problem… He’s unable to get a haircut! But that isn’t the only issue… He’s broke. So, in search of a job, Danwoo finds himself at a small hair salon where he meets a remarkably attractive hairstylist, Kwon Tae-han. A fateful occurrence unfolds when Dan-woo can't help but feel an intense sensation from Tae-Han’s skillful touch while he’s getting his haircut. Unable to hold back his feelings towards the touching, he says,“ Um… When you touch my head, it feels like this…”In the end, Dan-woo decides to confess his little problem with Taehan expecting to receive judgment, Taehan offers to help him instead of thinking he’s some kind of pervert. In order to become a better version of himself, Dan-woo starts up secret training sessions with Taehan. But little does he know, these hidden training sessions become more than just training sessions.

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