I Thought It Was A Common Isekai Story

class:manga Doyosay / 레몬개구리 / 아진

latest:Chapter 19


Read Manhwa on WARNING:, the largest English comic websites has just updated the latest chapter of manhwa 'I Thought It Was a Common Isekai Story'Summary:I Was the Villainess Who Would Die by the Hands of the Male Lead, but I Know This Clich! I thought it was a pretty good deal to die unjustly, as a payment for the price I paid for being the villainess. Until I realized that I couldn't escape from the original plotline. If I was going to die anyway according to the original, then let's give a kiss to my handsome husband! 'Please satisfy me like a snake flower of Ridelhoff. You never know, it might even lead to some benefits.' Why did the original plot start to change?A few words to introduce about the mangabuddy website:mangabuddy is the largest English comic website at present with thousands titles of all genres: , Action, , Drama, If you are satisfied with 'I Thought It Was a Common Isekai Story', please follow and support our website to be able to read other high-quality and early-release great comic series!Alternative Name: Thank you for supporting subteam. Happy reading!

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