For Snow White

class:manga Chang Yeoul,,Ruschu

latest:Chapter 14


On the day of the empress' funeral, I remembered the disastrous ending of to the story I am living in: the crown prince killed his father the emperor along with his father's beloved mistress. I, his half-sister and the beloved princess of the empire, was forced to flee but eventually was beheaded by his loyal knight, which completed the prince's bloody quest to claim the throne. To avoid this tragedy, I have decided to persuade the emperor to finally show some kindness to my half-brother, and to gain the sympathy of my brother's loyal knight. Like the hunter who couldn't kill Snow White but rather helped her escape. That's how I thought I would gain his sympathy, but...'Hey, could you meet my eyes when we talk?''...Wouldn't you find that uncomfortable?''It isn't uncomfortable. Your eyes are as pretty as a camellia.'How come I'm the one who's pitying you?==='If I ever come back... At that time, would you please allow me to stay by your side?'It was only when I was on the brink of tears, with a lump in my throat was I able to realize it. What these feelings were. The reason I think of you from time to time, miss the memories we made together, wish so earnestly for your happiness, and why you've become so precious to me. Because I've fallen in love with you.--**Original Novel:** (, (**Original Webtoon:** (, (**Official Translations:*** (

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