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latest:Vol.1 Chapter 7: The Legend Of The President's Glasses


A collection of short stories, centered around the theme of journey.Table of ContentsChapter 1: HarukomaChapter 2: The Pine Tree Occasionally AwakensChapter 3: The Traveling PrinceChapter 4: Six Months' VacationChapter 5: The Girl UnderwaterChapter 6: How to Wake Up Your LadyChapter 7: The Legend of the President's GlassesChapter 8: Eru's House SittingChapter 9: Family EnsembleChapter 10: Tazaki in the DesertChapter 11: Taro and TayuraChapter 12: Ran and the Gray World Extra)Chapter 13: Toki's JourneyAppendixAuthor's Notes


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