Stop Taking Photos Of Me During Sex!

class:manga Harukawa Maki

latest:Chapter 7


Photography is the hobby of an introvert college student - Mikoshiba. After being pestered by his extrovert classmate, Minoru, he decided to show him the picture he took. Surprisingly, he received a straight-up compliment, 'It looks pretty good!' Since then, they became close friends. One day, Minoru decided to visit his house...!! Mikoshiba was turned on by Minoru's passionate puppy eyes, and before he knew it, a naked Minoru was moaning on his bed!? As Minoru was being screwed deep inside and started craving for more upon losing all restraint, Mikoshiba held his camera. 'If you don't want me to pull it out, let me take your photo.' Being driven into a corner as he's raptured and on the verge of cum****, what would Minoru do...!?+

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