Yankee Ω Wa Kemono Ou-Sama No Mono!

class:manga Kumagoroshi

latest:Chapter 21


“I can’t believe I wanna be messed up even more… This can’t be my body!!” In an unexpected turn of events, a delinquent named Rintaro is transported to another world. Then, all of a sudden, his body starts burning up inside…!? Rintaro is bewildered when Varuna, a beastman with piercing eyes, appears before him. “I’m going to help your body relax.” The hands stroking his burning skin are gentle, but the kiss that entwines their tongues is so tantalizing that there’s no way he can resist…!! The Alpha beast king who’s in love and the stupid yet straightforward delinquent Omega, the king’s adoration doesn’t stop! An Omegaverse BL story about being reborn in a different world.

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