Crossing Paths In A Vegetable Garden

class:manga Hareya,,Umako,,Yareya Umako

latest:Chapter 4


Seita Okusu had always liked Kiyosawa. Like the shoujo manga he always reads, Seita wishes for a heartfelt romance with him, but Amane seems to always get in the way. Thinking that Amane also has feelings for Kiyosawa, Seita dubs him as his love rival. But Seita's dream of romance with Kiyosawa crumbles when Kiyosawa introduces his girlfriend to him. Heartbroken, Seita tries to move on by taking care of the garden Kiyosawa is now too busy to tend to. There, he finds Amane, who decided to water the withering plants. Seita then ropes Amane into looking after the garden with him thinking Amane is also heartbroken over Kiyosawa. But is he really?

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