Junkoku No Alpha

class:manga Ako Shimaki

latest:Chapter 23


The French Revolution, which started with the king, sent many citizens to the guillotine, 'exporting' the momentum of democratization to countries around the world - marking a turning point in history. But underneath the surface, there was another world that none were aware of... 18th century France - this was a time where the world's royalty, nobility, and commoners were separated into a 3-tier system, α (alpha), β (beta), and Ω (omega). King Louis XVI was known as the 'dim-witted α.' Queen Marie Antoinette, who married in from a neighboring country in a political marriage, was ridiculed as the 'lustful Ω.' Then there was a certain girl who held a grudge against the royal family... Seeking, hating, deceiving... A swirling conspiracy emerged, catching everyone in a revolutionary storm!

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