I Spread Immortality All Over The World

class:manga 琪漫文化

latest:Chapter 16


'Ding! There are still ten years left before the recovery of the monsters!' Su Yang listened to the voice in his ear with a very serious expression. He knew that there were only ten years left before the monsters invaded, but now, the whole world is full of ordinary people. There is no power to bind chickens. Ten years later, human beings can't prevent the recovery of demons at all. Fortunately, he awakened the system: 'Popularize the method of cultivating immortals to the whole world!' He opened a small shop where he sold various methods of cultivating immortals. 'Tathagata God's Palm', 'Prajna Divine Art', 'Red Dust Sword Jue'... The store also sells various elixir and elixir, 'Building Foundation Pill', 'Longevity Pill', 'Sura Pill'... The store also sells countless engraved formations, 'Big Zhou Tianzhen', 'Little Star Douzhen', 'Eighteen Arhats'... But the point is, there are no customers in his shop! !

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