Play After Call

class:manga Ohtako Mame

latest:Chapter 5


Fuhoe Scans & Mamuh: Kurashina is a highschool student who has a complex about being a Dom (dominant) gender. He thinks Isshiki, the student body president with an imposing figure, is a Dom and has a one-sided inferiority complex. One day, Kurashina finds Isshiki collapsed on campus. Unable to overlook his unusually weakened appearance, he takes care of him. But when Isshiki confides in Kurashina the surprising fact that he is a Sub, Kurashina feels guilty for his behavior because of a misunderstanding that has led him to behave coldly. Thinking that Isshiki had no particular partner and was feeling ill due to a lack of communication with a Dom, Kurashina then suggested having a light play with him as his way of making amends.

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